Maui Thai Bistro & Brasserie

When one decides to dine out for some great Thai food, one rarely thinks about the equally great cocktails that will go with it. Everyone loves a good beer with ethnic food, but try switching things up.
The Brasserie at Maui Thai Bistro is breaking the boundaries by serving up complex, exotic and delicious cocktails which pair perfectly with its Thai dishes. In this new and popular establishment, one will find excellent cocktail choices created by
its innovative bar manager, Cory Wymer.

Most people with a love for Thai cuisine are familiar with the Tom Kha and Tom Yum soups. Not only has Maui Thai extended these flavors into their signature Tom Yum Stir-Fry and Tom Yum Fried Rice, they now have a Tom Yum Martini!

Starting with an intensely aromatic kaffir lime leaf from the Bistro’s garden, the bartender will muddle the kaffir lime leaf with fresh-squeezed lime juice. He then adds vodka, a ginger-lemongrass shochu to the muddled leaves then their house-made Thai chili simple syrup. This is well shaken and then poured into a perfectly chilled martini glass. For a little variation of this cocktail, ask for cream of coconut to be added, thereby making this a Tom Kha Martini for a touch of sweetness.

Not only are these cocktails delicious, they use the freshest ingredients whenever possible. It is hard to find a bar on Maui that uses a fresh-squeezed sour mix for their margaritas; however, that is exactly what Maui Thai Bistro’s Brasserie uses. All ingredients are prepared fresh. They make their own roasted strawberry purée using local Kula strawberries for their
Strawberry Basil Mojito. Very delicious.

Whether you imbibe or not, there definitely is something for everyone at this vibrant spot. The Brasserie has the Hawaiian tropical favorite Mai Tai (yet have appropriately coined theirs “My Thai”) and several non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’ which are enjoyed by all.

Located at the Rainbow Mall in South Kihei,  Maui Thai Bistro and its bar extension, The Brasserie, is a bit hard to find as it is located at the back of the Mall. This is one of Maui’s best kept tasty
secrets as attested
by locals and visitors.

A short walking distance from all the Kamaole beaches, Maui
Thai Bistro is an easy choice or lunch, dinner, or one of its three happy hours.

874-5605 for Information and Reservations.