Montage Hotels & Resorts Partners with Swiss Skin Care Authority

MONTAGE HOTELS & RESORTS ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH SWISS SKIN CARE AUTHORITY, JACQUELINE PIOTAZ. The ultra-luxury hotel and resort collection expands one-of-a-kind guest experiences for guests  at Spa Montage.

Montage Hotels & Resorts and Spa Montage are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland to become the elite European skin care line’s first North American partner. Having launched the partnership at Spa Montage Deer Valley in February, the brand continues to expand the partnership to three other Montage resorts through the end of 2016, including Montage Laguna Beach, Montage Palmetto Bluff and Montage Kapalua Bay.

Rooted in classical spa therapies and supported by Swiss Bio High Technology, Jacqueline Piotaz marries nature and science to create high-quality, pure skin care products that serve the needs and satisfy the desires of the most discerning clientele. Montage guests can experience the following distinctive Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland facial therapies, including:
 Timeless Booster Treatment: Perfect for tired or mature skin, this luxurious Booster facial combines revolutionary Triple Plant Stem Cells with the latest innovations in Swiss Bio High-Technology and signature Swiss Power-Lifting Massage to unveil a more radiant and youthful glow.  Improving the tone and texture of your skin, this treatment will diminish the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles, allowing skin to appear more plump and firm. Infusing skin with activates, this treatment results in timeless beautiful skin.  60-minutes, $230.

 Bio Detox & Anti-stress Beauty Treatment: This Advanced Cell power Performance facial noninvasively lifts and nourishes stressed and matured skin, offering an immediate firming and rejuvenating effect. Advanced Anti-Aging actives with antioxidants and anti-pollution ingredients improve the skin’s resistance and appearance from environmental stress factors (weather, cold and sun exposure). The treatment has a remarkable anti-stress effect, calming redness and leaving skin perfectly moisturized and balanced. 90 Minutes $335.

“I travel around the world to meet inventive spa partners, searching for new ways to align Spa Montage with the most advanced brands available,” said Janet Denyer, corporate director of spa operations. “Our new partnership with Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland allows Spa Montage guests to experience exclusive skincare technology and therapies that, until this year, were unavailable in the United States.”

Earlier in her career, Jacqueline Piotaz, the founder and developer of the Zurich-based Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland (JPS) Cosmetics, insisted on traversing the globe as a flight purser and beauty instructor for Swissair, a role that introduced her to a variety of skin stressors. But more crucially, she recognized then that taking care of one’s self is essential to healthy, good-looking skin. Piotaz, who later earned a master’s degree in beauty and operated her own cosmetic institutes, followed this notion straight to the Swiss Bio Research Laboratory, where she decided to use the revolutionary technology of plant stem cells as the foundation for her skin care concept. Her lab work inspired her to combine nature, science and technology in the form of JPS Cosmetics, which was launched in 2012 with the brand’s flagship Triple Plant Stem Cell Plus Collection, containing a revolutionary trio of plant stem cells from the extracts of a rare Swiss apple (Uttwiler Spätlauber), the Gamay grape and the Alpine rose.

Piotaz’s products place a high premium on water source and harnessing the nature of the hinterlands, all of which meet Swiss standards of innovation and purity—attributes that make JPS Cosmetics exceptionally well suited to the spa scene. In fact, the spas at Montage Hotels & Resorts are the only U.S. outlets offering the brand’s products and treatments, starting with Montage Deer Valley late last year, followed by the resort’s Laguna Beach and Palmetto Bluff properties earlier this year, with Montage Kapalua Bay set to add them in October.

Your brand is inspired by … the Valais region of southwest Switzerland, surrounded by glaciers, rivers and the Matterhorn. Swiss people take very serious interest in their health and environment. My grandmother regularly doused her skin with cleanser, rose water and creams and I accompanied her on scouting trips to mountains in search of healthy ingredients for tea.

Your formulas are supplemented with … high concentrations of active substances. For example, Advanced Cellpower Performance products contain plant stem cell extracts from the argan tree and edelweiss plant, which complement other high-tech, active ingredients for lifting and restructuring. These components work with an ingredient called DermCom, made of crocus extracts, to activate cell communication and [create] a multidimensional effect on skin cells to achieve regeneration.

Your brand’s treatments and massages come from … innovative products, modern equipment, the hands and the knowledge of a good therapist, and the consequent home care [that must] go hand in hand.

Products utilize crucial Bio High Technology—one of the most important revolution[s] in the cosmetics field at present—and PhytoCellTec, which makes it possible to cultivate cells of endangered and rare species.

Beauty is … the charisma of a person, which you can see and feel.

Montage Hotels & Resorts provides an unparalleled wellness experience through Spa Montage, and is committed to offering guests access to the latest innovations in wellness.

The Luxury Collection

The Luxury Collection is a five-step skin care process providing optimal results, $877.

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