Spineless – a Schaefer International Gallery Exhibit

Spineless Exhibit at the MACC

Maui Arts & Cultural Center



This Saturday, AUGUST 26

10:00 am – Noon

Schaefer International Gallery

Free Admission

In connection with the gallery’s current exhibit:

 Spineless: Portraits of Marine Invertebrates – The Backbone of Life

Photos by Susan Middleton

Parents and children are invited to a free family event at the Schaefer International Gallery in connection with the gallery’s current exhibit, Spineless. 

Acclaimed photographer, Susan Middleton, who is well known for the exhibitions Archipelago and Remains of a Rainbow,  brings us a new body of work exploring the mysterious world of marine invertebrates-underwater  animals without backbones. More than 98% of known species in the ocean are invertebrates, yet as the foundation for life in marine waters, they are relatively unknown.  Her images in this exhibit capture the unexpected beauty and intimacy of this realm of life. With a deep passion and investment in time and research she reveals astonishing creatures we may never get to see.  Something that gallery visitors of all ages will appreciate!

  Attendees at Saturday’s event can walk through the exhibit and then participate in an art activity offering the kids an opportunity to make their own sea creature to take home. 

Free Admission!

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