Yasha Jewels Maui

Yasha creates her designs in an enchanting way-gemstones are her muse. At times she dreams of what she will create; other times it’s simply the flora and fauna around our island that inspire her. Whatever the source, once her visions are transformed into the tangible, a special piece is born.

No two of her pieces are exactly the same and this is what makes Yasha Jewels so desirable! It can be said that you don’t choose her pieces – they choose you. This has been the experience of a multitude of her clients.

One of Yasha’s customers said, “I enjoy my beautiful necklace so much that I hang it where I can always appreciate it’s beauty and when I wear it, the compliments I receive are a bonus!”

Yasha’s jewels really aren’t just jewelry – they’re true works of art and functional too.

Using her engineering training, Yasha has created a way to transform one piece into several. Her long necklaces can be transformed into two short ones, or into a matching necklace and a bracelet.

Whether you are looking for a statement piece or a dainty one, you’ll feel quite special when wearing Yasha’s jewelry. Her style is a blend of old-world civilizations with those of today.

She says, ”I really look deeply into the gemstones and I allow the piece to create itself. And that way the uniqueness will always be there.” -Yasha-