A seven part series showing you dollar for dollar breakdown of the most cost-effective aesthetic treatments MediSpa Maui has to offer you.

A recent article published in Harper’s Bazaar reads, “When it comes to anti-aging skincare, many women have medicine cabinets bursting with moisturizers, serums, and no fewer than three types of cleansers (Micellar, oil, and charcoal, in case you’re going shopping). But mention the words “laser procedure” or “non-invasive plastic surgery,” and there’s a chance the response will come in the form of a whispered confession: there’s no way I could afford those kind of treatments.

Not long ago, dermatological skin tweaks existed almost exclusively for well-heeled women who needn’t ask about prices. But times – and the clientele of plastic surgeons and dermatologists – have changed. Younger women, some on the earlier side of their 20s, are getting hip to the fact that lasers, fillers, and Botox, while they may set you back a pretty penny upfront, can be more cost-effective in the long run – especially if you confront a minor skin problem before it becomes a major one.

Quality products that contain retinol, hydroquinone, peptides, growth factors, and hyaluronic acid – some of the ingredients that make dermatologists swoon – will always have a place in our skincare regimens.” Get expert advice from our very own cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Brian Stolley and plastic surgeon, Dr. Carlo Honrado. In this seven part series our experts will list seven noninvasive treatments that are more effective and that what Harper’s Bazaar even recommends. Because you can slather lotions and potions on in front of a mirror and, over several decades see changes, or you can actually invest in medical procedures that will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars than all those OTC products.


If you’re still toying with the idea of laser hair removal but hesitate because the cost seems prohibitive, remember there is nothing fun about razor burn at all times or frantically trying to schedule a sugar wax before a day date at the beach.

“Professional laser hair removal is a sure success, especially in women with light skin and dark hair,” says Dr Brian Stolley, director and founder of MediSpa Maui. “Hair removal procedures such as waxing, sugaring, shaving, and depilatories all can leave the skin irritated, red, and lead to unsightly and uncomfortable ingrown hairs – some of which can leave your skin heavily pigmented. While the cost of laser hair removal is more expensive due to the initial cost of the investment, the effect is far superior to any other procedure because the root of the hair is permanently disabled and can no longer produce hair growth.”

You can expect to pay between $300-425 per treatment and the average patient requires 6-9 treatments, Stolley says.

The Cost Breakdown: Assuming you fall on the less expensive end of the laser hair spectrum, you will spend about $1800 for six treatments and your bikini line will be almost completely hair-free, possibly for a lifetime (treating your full legs would cost more). The average price you’ll spend to get your bikini area waxed is about $35. If you start waxing at age 21 and get one wax treatment every three months until you are 55, you will spend a whopping $4,900 waxing your bikini line (and chances are you’ll still be hitting the beach at 65 and 70, so add to the cost). Even if you fall on the more expensive side of the laser treatment, your cost will be $2400 – $2,500 less than if you wax.

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